"We would have had to shut down."

Today, we celebrate another victory on behalf of life and the organizations that help protect the unborn. Liberty Counsel was among the organizations challenging California's forced abortion speech law that threatened Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Lupe Ramos Watson, chief executive officer of Birth Choice of the Desert, said the pregnancy center has been operating for 27 years and, if it wasn't for Liberty Counsel, "We would have had to shut down."

Please see below for my important update on this vital case – Mat.

A federal district court in California has issued a permanent injunction that prohibits the state from enforcing the California Reproductive FACT Act, a law forcing pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion.
Liberty Counsel's case, Mountain Right to Life v. Becerra, was sent back from the U.S. Supreme Court to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which sent it back to the district court, after the High Court ruled in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra that crisis pregnancy centers cannot be forced to promote abortions. Liberty Counsel represents three pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in Southern California.
The three pro-life crisis pregnancy centers are faith-based and offer women pregnancy resources, counseling, advice and alternatives to abortion. The California Reproductive FACT Act directly opposed their mission and forced them to endorse the government language promoting the abortion message on their front door, in their waiting room, online and in every advertisement for the crisis pregnancy center.
+ + This is why Liberty Counsel is here!

This law is so outrageous that it never should have passed the California legislature, never should have been signed by the California governor, and never should have been defended by the California attorney general. But it was, and this is precisely why Liberty Counsel is here!

We must challenge each and every threat to our religious and free speech liberties. And we must be equipped and prepared to fight these battles in every local, state, and federal jurisdiction, including the United States Supreme Court. The fact is, we must commit legal resources to these cases, at times with little or no notice from the courts.
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+ + These are challenging times 

These are challenging times for people of faith. Many activist institutions in our nation are openly targeting Christians in an effort to silence our voice. Pro-life citizens are increasingly the object of major legal "sting" operations conducted by pro-abortion forces in government and special interest groups. Liberty Counsel's legal docket is growing and we do not charge our clients for representation.

These are challenging times for Liberty Counsel as well. The calls for our services have increased while our budget is getting increasingly difficult to meet.

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Mat Staver
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Liberty Counsel

P.S. This is a victory for children, mothers, and families. Pro-life pregnancy centers will no longer be compelled to speak a message that goes against their mission to save the lives of babies and women. The law violated freedom of speech. The First Amendment protects the right to speak and the right not to speak. Faith-based pro-life pregnancy centers cannot be forced to promote human genocide or close their doors. We celebrate this important victory that helps keep the doors open to Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Thank you, as always, for your support!