A liberating truth!

From the desk of:
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Here is a liberating truth: Christians' rights are NOT left at the schoolhouse door!

Students do not lose their constitutional right to freedom of speech when they step into a school building to start the school year – or walk to the podium at a school assembly. To allow a variety of viewpoints while suppressing religious perspectives is religious hostility and is unconstitutional. Schools should not force students to pray, but neither should they prohibit them from praying!

Liberty Counsel works year-round to protect Christian parents and students who are coming under attack from a dangerous and systematic anti-faith agenda in our nation's schools. Stand with us by adding your name to Liberty Counsel's STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY WITH CHRISTIAN PARENTS AND STUDENTS. Please see my important update below — Mat. 

At this time of year, I am reminded of the countless cases Liberty Counsel has litigated on behalf of school systems, principals, educators, and students when their right to pray, right to religious expression, and/or access to public school facilities have been threatened through intimidating tactics by the ACLU, misguided school administrators, or other groups or individuals.

In the upcoming months of the 2017-18 school year, my legal team will be inundated with requests for help over a variety of issues stemming from the misinformation regularly targeted at school administrators. We take action on every request that we possibly can. Some situations are handled through conversations and letters. Others require much more extensive legal work.

Among the most important keys to defending religious liberties in our public schools is our ability to engage the suppressors of those liberties – those who falsely declare that prayer or religious expression does not belong in schools – or that Christian groups are not entitled to equal access to public school facilities.  

+ + Christians' rights are NOT left at the schoolhouse door!

That's why we have launched a national STATEMENT OF SOLIDARY WITH CHRISTIAN PARENTS AND STUDENTS, announcing that our team is standing with those who are coming under attack in our schools.

We will gather these STATEMENTS OF SOLIDARITY and use them to express national citizen outrage against these efforts to indoctrination our children and grandchildren. Please take a moment to sign our petition in support of Christian students and parents now:

defend students

+ + English class isn't just English anymore...

Millions of students across the country returning to school are being thrust into what is becoming a blatantly hostile climate that attacks faith and family at their foundations.

Even English class has been corrupted by this radical movement -- and is now being openly positioned as "QUEERING ENGLISH" by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)! NCTE trains teachers to indoctrinate students with radical ideology, under the guise of classroom English assignments, and in violation of parental rights.

This is just ONE example of many shocking violations of the rights of Christian students and parents that are taking place across the country. As I write, Liberty Counsel lawyers are responding to incidents in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Virginia which pose a serious threat to our rights.

The situation in our public schools has devolved to the point that it is difficult to believe what is taking place.
Many public schools have become breeding grounds for religious intolerance; cells of leftist indoctrination; cauldrons of ideas and teachings that literally poison the minds of our children and young adults; vehicles for transforming young people's cultural and moral standards; engines designed to turn students away from the ethics being taught in a majority of American homes.   

Today, I want to know that you stand with us by adding your name to our Statement of Solidarity on behalf of Christian students and parents. Click here or on the banner below:

defend students

Yours for Liberty,

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Students do not lose their constitutional right to freedom of speech when they step into a school building to start the school year. Yet, anti-faith radicals see the classroom as their place to experiment on our children and grandchildren with social engineering that undermines faith and marriage. They even are pushing something they call "Queering English"! It's outrageous. Liberty Counsel is fighting back, but we want to rally an army of citizens to stand. Go here to sign our Statement of Solidarity supporting Christian students and parents!