A special message

Thank You!

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone who gave so generously toward Liberty Counsel's on-line Year-End Challenge Grant. Because these donations are effectively doubled in impact, we are starting off 2019 in a positive financial position in our mission to advance and defend life, liberty, faith and family.

As we enter what is sure to be an intense and impactful year, we are asking you and our entire on-line team to join us in praying for the following Liberty Counsel cases, our attorneys, staff, and our ministry's leadership:

  • That the effectiveness of the letter written to a Virginia middle school regarding the illegality of their censorship in banning references to Jesus from their Christmas concert, would discourage other schools from attempting to secularize Christmas;
  • For a decisive WIN in the South Florida cases that would allow minors to receive counseling from licensed counselors to help them eliminate or reduce their unwanted same sex attraction and/or gender confusion;
  • For a similar case in Tampa, where LC filed suit against an ordinance targeting counselors with significant fines for providing help for minors with unwanted same sex attraction and/or gender confusion;
  • For a powerful win in Sandra Merritt's legal battle with Planned Parenthood – one of the most important pro-life cases in the nation;
  • For another win in the appeal of a New York case defending sidewalk counselors near an abortion clinic, and for a similar case in Harrisburg, PA;
  • For the case in Two Rivers where LC is defending a private citizen in a suit by a DC charter school. A peaceful citizen was sued for informing the community of the negative effects of a Planned Parenthood abortion center opening in a location between an elementary and a middle school;
  • For LC's lawsuit on behalf of Camp Constitution's right to display a Christian flag for their approved event in Boston;
  • The multiple cases across the country where LC is fighting the radical and anti-family agenda promoted in many schools. We are also asking prayer for Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, to strip this devastating agenda from the schools.
  • We thank God for VICTORIES in the reopening of a California and a New Jersey case after a WIN in a California case defending a crises pregnancy center's right to refuse to post pro-abortion information in their centers and online information – and that significant attorney fees were awarded to LC!

The Lord has placed Liberty Counsel in the epicenter of the key debates taking place in our nation regarding faith and family. We have been fighting some of these cases for months, and even years. Others represent recent actions taken by our legal team to defend people of faith who are coming under attack.

In case you missed earlier opportunities, it's not too late to make a gift to Liberty Counsel so we can fight these and other critical legal battles for faith and family in 2019!

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Again... thank you so much for your continued prayers, partnership and support. Without friends like you, we simply could not fight these battles. Every call we answer from a Christian coming under attack, and every case we fight, is dependent on the prayers and financial support of friends like you.
Thank you and God bless you!
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. Please pray and give as you can, knowing that your tax-deductible gift will help us begin the New Year on better financial footing against intensifying attacks from deep-pocketed extremists. These are challenging times. But together, we can push back against the attacks, and stand for truth and morality in our nation!

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