He faced four years of legal torment...

Scott Lively faced four years of legal torment from radical homosexual activists. His story is why Liberty Counsel exists, and why your partnership is critical. Please see below  --Mat.

A George Soros funded organization sought to set a ground-breaking precedent using international law to crush the free speech of every American. The target test case was Pastor Scott Lively.

This case illustrates why your partnership is so vital to preserving our freedom.

How radical activists tried to destroy Pastor Lively...

About 16 years ago, Pastor Lively made the first of three visits to Uganda. As part of these trips, he met with ministry and government leaders and promoted a biblical view on marriage and homosexuality. Following his visits, a radical George Soros funded homosexual rights group called Sexual Minority Uganda (SMUG) filed a lawsuit in U.S. federal court against Pastor Lively claiming he had committed "crimes against humanity"!

The record was clear that Pastor Lively committed no such "crimes." He spoke in favor of biblical sexual morality while reminding people that each of us is made in the image of God, and that there is hope for change in relationship with Jesus Christ.

But that didn't stop radical homosexual activists from dragging Pastor Lively through four years of litigation that involved several thousand hours of attorney time, 100 hours of depositions, and the review of 40,000 pages of documents!

Let's be clear -- these radical activists wanted to punish Pastor Lively and silence any American who dares to promote a biblical worldview, even while overseas!

+ + We fought for Pastor Lively... and won!

Liberty Counsel's legal team fought for Pastor Lively's liberties every step of the way. We helped him navigate a difficult and intensely bitter legal battle that included one of the most outrageous examples of personal bias against pro-family values that I have ever seen from a federal judge. This judge actually said that judges are "unelected legislators of mankind."

Refusing to apply a Supreme Court opinion in our favor for four years, he was finally forced to dismiss SMUG's case after years of unnecessary litigation. But, as he had no choice but to rule for Pastor Lively, he peppered his opinion with anti-Christian bigotry by insulting our client with unbecoming epithets such as “crackpot bigot," “pathetic," “ludicrous," “abhorrent" and numerous others. 

Even though we won the case, our legal team went back to court opposing this judge's blatant anti-Christian bias! The federal court of appeals ruled that the judge's insults against Pastor Lively have no binding or precedential effect.

Pastor Lively faced a legal nightmare, all because he stood up for biblical values. Thanks to friends like you, he didn't have to fight this battle alone. Liberty Counsel was there. And we won!

+ + There are dozens of battles like this that I must fight...

Right now, our legal team is engaged in dozens of situations in which the rights of people like Pastor Lively are under attack. As I shared with you earlier this week, this "Back To School" season is creating a whole new wave of hostility against Christian students and parents.

I want Liberty Counsel to be able to answer every call for help... but I need your help to do so!

Liberty Counsel is dependent on the generous partnership of friends like you. Hundreds of faithful partners like you make it possible for us to defend Pastor Lively and so many others... every day!

While we are winning important cases, we are also facing a critical financial shortage. This has been a very difficult summer. I want to bring this to your attention and ask that you help us at this time with a financial gift.

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Due to three consecutive low-income months, we need help catching up so we can keep our team fighting.

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With your partnership, we can fight back, and we can win! We won for Pastor Lively. We have won this year at the U.S. Supreme Court. And we can win in the coming days...with your help.

Thank you in advance for your support, and may God bless you!

Yours for Liberty,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Pastor Lively was put through a legal nightmare as he faced charges of "crimes against humanity" because he dared to speak out on a biblical view of sexuality. We won this fight, but I need your help to make up a critical shortfall so we can fight for many more who are coming under attack. Please... go here to make your best tax-deductible gift:

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