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I'm thrilled to share with you that Liberty Counsel has been presented with a special opportunity to expand our efforts at what may be one of the most critical times for people of faith in our nation.


This past year has been eye-opening...
Never before has Liberty Counsel experienced more opportunities to defend the rights of Christians and uphold our values in the courts.
Never before have we seen a President stand this boldly for the values of faith and family, despite unprecedented levels of coordinated attacks against his administration.
And never before have we encountered so much opposition, in large part due to the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) "fake hate" campaign which has created a climate of anti-faith hostility unlike anything we have seen.
The attacks have only escalated as a result of the George Soros-funded effort to defeat Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It is now "open season" on anyone who stands for faith or American values. As a result, the importance of Liberty Counsel's services has only increased, and will continue to grow in the coming months.
+ + A special challenge...
As we respond to these increasing attacks, I am grateful that the Lord has provided a very timely "$100,000 Year-End Challenge Grant" to our online partners to help us meet our growing need. This means your tax-deductible year-end gift will be effectively doubled and go twice as far!
I deeply appreciate your support this year. The faithfulness of friends like you has made it possible for Liberty Counsel to stand for faith and freedom on the very forefront of many of the key cultural conflicts in our nation.
Now, with our services more and more in demand, I'm asking you to take the lead in helping me meet this special Year-End online Challenge Grant.
Here are three reasons your support right now is so vital...
+ + #1 -- Justice Kavanaugh opens the door...
First, we believe the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh opens the door for restoring liberty in several critical areas. For example, as you know, Liberty Counsel has been on the leading edge of the battle to defend pre-born life and uphold the rights of pro-life citizens to peacefully protest against abortion.
Right now, there is a critical case with the potential to challenge Roe v. Wade that could work its way up to the Supreme Court within the next year. Liberty Counsel's legal work in this case has played an important role in helping set the stage at the lower court level for a potentially successful appeal at the Supreme Court.
Also, our victory before the Supreme Court in defending the rights of pro-life counseling centers is laying the groundwork for more victories as we work to protect the free-speech rights of pro-life citizens who are increasingly being targeted.
We simply must expand our work in defense of the unborn and pro-life citizens. That's why this Year-End Challenge is such a godsend!
+ + #2 -- Anti-Christian bigotry is on the rise...
As you know, Liberty Counsel and other Christian groups have been the targets of discriminatory practices, thanks in large part to the lies and misinformation coming from the SPLC.
Earlier this year, Liberty Counsel was once again thrust into the very epicenter of these attacks as radical, anti-family groups served us with the most outrageous subpoenas I have ever seen.

We also have seen more and more businesses and organizations rely on the SPLC's bogus "fake hate" list (which specifically targets Liberty Counsel) to impose bans against us.
The "hate group" scheme and the open attacks now taking place against anyone who dares to agree with President Trump -- have made the coming year one of the most dangerous times to be a person of faith in our nation.
And let's be clear -- their goal is to criminalize the Christian faith by placing our beliefs on the wrong side of the law!
I will not sit by as these anti-faith groups target, malign and censor Christian citizens and organizations. Liberty Counsel must commit even more resources to this fight, which is why this "$100,000 Year-End Challenge" comes at a crucial time.
+ + #3 -- The battle for family has become critical...
Over the past few years, we have witnessed a shocking and extremely threatening attempt to redefine the very fundamental realities of male, female, and marriage. An outrageous same-sex and gender transformation push from Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites, combined with a Supreme Court decision attempting to redefine marriage, has put marriage and family as we know it on the endangered list.
It has gotten so warped that parents are now choosing the non-binary choice of “Gender X" for their babies on official forms. Support for the God-given fact of basic male-female gender is now unacceptable in many cultural and legal circles.
If this trend continues, it will mark the end of civilization that retains any moorings in our Judeo-Christian heritage. Plus, those who dare to uphold God's ideals of man, woman, and marriage will find themselves being persecuted in courts of law. Essentially, basic biblical truths are being made "illegal."
Liberty Counsel is on the leading edge of pushing back against this new same-sex totalitarianism. In fact, our work has made me one of the most reviled figures among pro-homosexual groups.
Liberty Counsel simply cannot shrink back from this fight for marriage and human sexuality. But to do so, we need an influx of funds. Once again, this special Year-End Challenge Grant to our online community can make a huge difference for us!
That's why I'm turning to Liberty Counsel partners like you to help me meet this $100,000 grant that can help fund our expanded efforts.
Every dollar you donate to this Year-End Challenge will effectively be DOUBLED by the generosity of special donors who have made this significant financial challenge.
But we must meet the $100,000 Challenge by the end of this year to maximize the resources available to our Liberty Counsel team for these critical fights.
Can I count on your help? Please prayerfully consider how you can help meet this Year-End Challenge.

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We have this unique opportunity at a critical time in our nation's history. Our faith and freedom are under assault. The very meaning of marriage and human sexuality is being re-written. Liberty Counsel is here to fight back, and win! But we need your help.
This Year-End Challenge is a great blessing. Now, I'm asking friends like you to step forward and meet this challenge so our team can satisfy these critical needs.
Thank you in advance and may God bless you!
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. Again, this Challenge Grant is a GODSEND! We expect the battle for life, liberty, faith and family will only increase in the coming months, and this special grant will help us meet the increasing need for legal advocacy. And note that the impact of your gift will be DOUBLED!

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