Christmas is NOT politically incorrect!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Nov. 17, 2018

No secular organization is going to make honoring Christ politically incorrect!

Since our inception, Liberty Counsel has handled hundreds of Christmas cases and helped "save Christmas" for thousands of communities, families and schoolchildren. This year we want to help thousands more enjoy a joyous Christmas holiday in which they can freely celebrate the Reason for the Season!

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Oh, the hypocrisy! In an effort to be more inclusive, a Virginia middle school is excluding Jesus from its annual Christmas concert. Robious Middle School recently notified parents by letter that their renamed "Winter" event would now be void of Christmas songs containing the name of "Jesus" as part of their effort to be "more sensitive" toward the increasingly "diverse population" of its student body.
Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the school and the district informing them that they have crossed the line into unconstitutional censorship.

The fact is, celebrating Christmas is legal in public schools and in public venues. A choral performance also may include religious and secular holiday songs. There is clear case law regarding including Christian and religious songs during the holiday season, and all the cases come down on the side of including religious songs.

+ + Millions of Americans still say "Merry Christmas!"

Using strong-armed tactics and "political correctness," the ACLU and anti-faith groups have intimidated communities, retail stores, government offices and public schools into believing that the term "Christmas" is offensive and even illegal. That is a total fallacy!
The truth is, the vast majority of Americans celebrate "Christmas." We love the traditions and deep spiritual meaning the season brings to our families and communities - and we aren't afraid to call it what it is... CHRISTMAS!

Liberty Counsel's annual Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign educates, and if necessary litigates, to make sure that Christmas and Christian themes are not censored.

Our legal team is actively monitoring cases across the country where there is intimidation by officials and groups to remove the celebration of Christmas in public and private sectors. Being able to fight back against such bullying is more important than ever as we confront more and more examples of overt anti-faith bigotry. That is especially true over the Christmas holidays.  

We rely on faithful friends like you who make it possible for Liberty Counsel to defend people of faith at no cost to them.

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You and I cannot allow the criminalization of Christian beliefs and the purging of biblical ideals from our society to happen on our watch! That's why your support now is so critical.

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