Confronting the radical LGBT agenda

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Imagine a world in which a male Christian schoolteacher is forced to supervise and monitor a young girl who is given access to the boys' locker room and shower because "she identifies as a boy." Further, consider that same school system attempted to protect a convicted child pornographer because he showed "no signs of deviant behavior."

This is the upside down world being created because we are being forced to accept deviant lifestyles as "normal" and gender identity as "fluid." Liberty Counsel will not stand for it!  See my message below — Mat.

More and more, our legal team is being called upon to defend people of faith who find themselves in the crosshairs of a very militant LGBT movement that is working to transform the nature of what it means to be a man and a woman. And sadly, young people across this country are being victimized.

Liberty Counsel is deeply engaged in one of the most bizarre cases of how the radical sexual agenda is threatening our children and any teacher or parent who dares to stand for godly values. 

In the Pasco County (Florida) public schools, a male teacher was asked to supervise a gender-confused girl who had been given full access to disrobe and even shower in the boy's locker room.
Administrators tried to force the male teacher to directly supervise and observe the girl -- who is called a transgendered boy -- while showering naked in the boys' open shower. He refused.

According to the teacher, the school district lawyer warned him: "You know this might cost you your job. Your teacher certificate might be taken from you, to where you can no longer teach."
To this day, the girl remains free to enter the boys' locker room and the boys' showers at any time, while the teacher has faced ridicule and possible discipline. In an email discussing sending the teacher home on administrative leave, one school official wrote: "I think it sends a clear message that we will not tolerate his behavior."

+ + "Descended to depths of depravity..."

Earlier, a former transportation manager for that same Pasco County school system, William Napolitano, was sentenced to life in prison for abusing minors. So severe were his crimes that the judge who oversees such cases gave the absolute maximum sentence because William had "descended to depths of depravity that are hard to fathom and that he's a constant threat to society."

When William was caught, the Pasco district went into full damage control. They told reporters that William "had never shown any signs of deviant behavior."
In fact, that's a lie. One then-assistant principal in Pasco County traded child pornography with William out of his own personal stash.

The very school district that threatened to ruin Robert's career because he declined to watch a middle-school girl strip naked... is the same school district that had an assistant principal trading child pornography with an employee who was sexually abusing, taping, and distributing videos of minors.

And... to compound the Pasco County Public School System's radical pro-LGBT agenda, their personnel have adopted a harmful, unauthorized "policy" and practice of promoting LGBT ideology in violation of the rights of students, parents, and teachers, without school board approval.

On a positive note, I am confident that we will win this fight and that the rights of the schoolteacher will be upheld. That's because the Liberty Counsel legal team is among the best in the country at defending faith, family, life and liberty.

+ +  We must continue to stand against our adversaries' radical agenda!

Pro-LGBT groups are using their influence in the broader legal and cultural communities to "mainstream" their anti-faith, anti-marriage intolerance.

We're seeing first-hand the LGBT community's aggressive attempts to "queer" public education and stealthily indoctrinate the minds of our children without parental consent.

They've successfully coopted the media in such a way that it's extremely difficult to watch anything current on television without an in-your-face positive portrayal of the LGBT lifestyle.

Under the upcoming Democrat control of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has vowed to push for passage of the Equality Act that would add overreaching protections for LGBT people to the existing Civil Rights Act.

Let's be clear. As we are seeing played out in our nation's courtrooms, the radical LGBT movement's goal is to criminalize the Christian faith by placing our beliefs on the wrong side of the law.

God forbid you believe in biblical marriage. Keep those views to yourself, they say.

If you share my concern that LGBT organizations are trying to "mainstream" their hate campaign against Liberty Counsel and our nation's people of faith, please consider helping us fight back by making your best possible gift today!

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These are challenging times. But together, we can push back against the attacks and stand for truth and morality in our nation.

Thank you and God bless you!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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