Democrats want no limits on abortion

Democrats want absolutely no limits on abortion while Planned Parenthood's doors are wide open for business! See my important update below — Mat.

Democrats are so afraid of the possibility President Trump could appoint another pro-life Supreme Court Justice that they're scrambling to pass the most heinous, far-reaching and far-left abortion laws imaginable.

That's why extreme pro-abortion legislation that just passed in New York is also being considered in Virginia, Rhode Island and other states. The measures would allow unborn babies to be legally killed for basically any reason up to the moment of birth, as radical pro-abortionists contend Roe v. Wade allows.

Guess who benefits from expanded abortion services?

We believe that these extreme changes are due, in part, to the "unholy alliance" between Democrat lawmakers and Planned Parenthood's political arm, whose campaign contributions help get pro-abortion zealots elected.
Follow the money…
During Planned Parenthood's fiscal year of October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, they performed the most abortions annually since 2012. During that time, Planned Parenthood performed nearly one-half of all abortions in the U.S. -- an average of 911 abortions each day.
Their annual report shows that in the year ending June 30, 2018, PPH reaped a total of $563.8 million in government funding, an increase of $20.1 million above the government revenue it received the previous year.
In the 2016 election cycle alone, Planned Parenthood spent more than $20 million on direct campaign contributions, lobbying and independent campaign expenditures. Too many political insiders are getting their pockets lined by this radical, far-Left organization!

As reported by CNSNews
com, "Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia committed $3 million to help elect Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, who is currently embroiled in controversy for remarks on post-birth abortion, The Washington Post reported during the campaign."

"The organization's Virginia political action committee, working with Northam, plans to deploy canvassers to knock on 300,000 doors, send mailers to 400,000 homes and run digital and radio ads."

That's just the tip of the "unholy alliance."
+ + We know first-hand how lawmakers beholden to Planned Parenthood operate!

Liberty Counsel is defending pro-life advocate Sandra Merritt against Planned Parenthood's attacks on her after she exposed their barbaric practice of trafficking aborted babies' body parts for profit. Two of California's Attorney Generals, including a current U.S. Senator, then generated investigations and attacks on Sandra Merritt instead of going after Planned Parenthood and their illegal operations. In doing so, they exhibited a blatant conflict of interest. They were both recipients of campaign financing and endorsements from Planned Parenthood's political arm. And, Planned Parenthood's legal team engaged in the crafting of state legislation that benefits the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood.   

Planned Parenthood will certainly benefit from expanded abortion services!
+ + The case to challenge Roe v Wade...

Last month, Liberty Counsel filed a powerful amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the decision by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the Alabama law that prohibits dismemberment abortions of live unborn babies. This case presents a direct challenge to the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling.

Alabama's law is a common-sense restriction on a barbaric and gruesome procedure. If the most vile criminal has human dignity that prevents cruel and unusual punishment, then how much more should the law protect an innocent unborn child from a despicable form of torture and death?

Advancing the sanctity of human life is one of Liberty Counsel's core missions and we will stand in defense of every pro-life defender facing attacks by pro-abortion advocates!

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National polls show a steadily increasing majority of Americans oppose the Roe v. Wade decision and the so-called "right" to abortion on demand it supposedly codified, particularly regarding late-term abortions. Liberty Counsel has long been a leader in the battle to make the womb a safe place again.

Please also pray that God will move on the hearts of our lawmakers and judges to protect precious human lives.

God bless you,
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
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