Election Prayer Points

So much is at stake in this critical election that I'm sending every member of the Liberty Counsel Action team my personal "Five-Point Prayer Guide" today. I hope you will keep this Prayer Guide nearby and pray for God's intervention over the next three weeks!

Prayer Point #1 -- Pray that any efforts to silence Christian voters and marginalize the Christian faith will be defeated!
In recent months, we've seen increased efforts to silence or marginalize the Christian voice in our society. And each election cycle, my legal team must confront blatant efforts by both private sector and public sector entities to bully Christians into silence. By using false claims that faith must be separate from our political lives, these bullies have one goal: Keep Christians away from the polls!

As a matter of prayer, ask God to confuse and confound any and all efforts designed to marginalize the Christian faith or silence the voice of Christians in this election.

Prayer Point #2 -- Pray for Christians to recognize the urgency of the hour, reject these silencing tactics, and engage this election by praying and voting!
God's people need to shake off the intimidation tactics (and their own lethargy), and get to the polls! That's because it's likely the Christian vote will again prove to be decisive this November. As George Barna clearly documented, Christians put President Trump in the White House. Christian voters will decide if the pro-faith, pro-family agenda prevails.

As a matter of prayer, ask God to embolden and energize Christians across the country to both pray for our nation during this election season and vote on November 6!

Prayer Point #3 -- Pray for God to encourage and strengthen every person running for office who is standing for faith, family, life and liberty.
Christians who dare to run for public office face the “point of the spear" of the secular society that is hostile to people of faith.
Right now, many faithful men and women are doing just that by running for office while upholding our core values of faith and freedom. Christians are taking a stand in local, city, state and federal races -- and they need our prayer support!

As a matter of prayer, lift up to the Lord every person of faith who is standing for God while running for political office. Ask God to give them strength, financial support, favor and victory at the polls on November 6.

Prayer Point #4 -- Pray that any unfounded or “October Surprise" attacks on our President will not bear fruit, and that the truth will prevail.
In a very real way, this midterm election is all about one thing (or one person): President Trump. Anti-Trump activists have raised tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars for the sole purpose of impeaching the President. And in order to impeach him, they must win at least the House in November.
Here at Liberty Counsel, our team is bracing for even more outrageous, unfounded attacks against President Trump to “surface" in the final days prior to the election. We fully expect an “October Surprise" from the Robert Mueller “Russian collusion" investigation or another source that's designed to discredit the President. We need to pray that only the truth will prevail!

As a matter of prayer, lift up President Trump and the First Lady. Pray for strength as they stand up to unprecedented attacks. Pray that the truth will prevail over any “October Surprise" strategies designed to trip up and ultimately defeat President Trump and his agenda.

Prayer Point #5 -- Pray for organizations like our political action arm, Liberty Counsel Action, to reach and mobilize millions of Christian voters during this crucial election.
In the midst of all these battles, we play a vital role in informing, equipping and mobilizing Christian voters. In fact, this work can make the critical difference as anti-faith organizations funnel millions into voter suppression and misinformation campaigns designed to minimize the voices of Christians.

These 5 prayer points are in addition to those offered as part of our powerful Pray & Vote initiative. 

If you haven't already done so, click here to read those important prayer points and join me in a commitment to PRAY & VOTE during the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Pray & Vote

THANK YOU for being part of the solution for our nation. By praying and supporting Liberty Counsel, you are helping to equip people of faith and making a real difference.
Thanks in advance for your prayer and financial support!

God bless you!
Mat Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel