Enemy #1

Today we are in the fight of our lives. As of this morning, we still need $22,000 by the end of the month (today) to help keep our team fully engaged in several crucial legal battles.

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see my important update below on why Liberty Counsel remains the target of Leftist radicals — Mat.

Perhaps we should be honored that several far-Left organizations see Liberty Counsel as "Enemy #1."

• The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has labeled us as a "Hate Group" because we dare to believe the biblical truth that God-ordained marriage is between one man and one woman. They've determined that they know better than God -- and therefore we, as a God-honoring organization, have become a "Hate" group in their misguided calculus. 

• An erroneously named "Commit To Inclusion" campaign, announced by the National LGBT Bar Association, specifically names and targets Liberty Counsel and calls on lawyers nationwide to SIGN A PLEDGE to never work with Liberty Counsel.

Liberty Counsel is being specifically targeted and maligned by this group that is affiliated with the powerful American Bar Association...  all because we dare to stand up for the rights of millions of Americans who believe in natural marriage! They want to silence our voice and effectively "blacklist" us in the legal community!

Clearly, the LGBT Bar Association is upset because Liberty Counsel is winning many important cases, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, defending natural marriage.

This is the nature of the battle we are in... and they leave us no choice but to stand against their twisted agenda.

We must fight anti-faith, anti-marriage bigotry that targets Liberty Counsel. And we must continue to press forward on other key battles that threaten the liberties of people of faith. But to do so, I need your help to meet our critical month-end need...

As of this morning, we need $22,000 today to help offset an ongoing budgetary deficit. The reason: The calls for our help are on the rise while, inexplicably, our revenue not keeping pace.

I do not come to you with fake or inflated calls for help. The need is real. Please consider what is possible for you to give today to help us overcome this critical shortage. Every gift matters! 

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+ +  We must continue to stand against our adversaries' radical agenda!

Pro-LGBT groups are using their influence in the broader legal and cultural communities to "mainstream" their anti-faith, anti-marriage intolerance.

We're seeing first-hand the LGBT community's aggressive attempts to "queer" public education and stealthily indoctrinate the minds of our children without parental consent.

They've successfully coopted the media in such a way that it's extremely difficult to watch anything current on television without an in-your-face positive portrayal of the LGBT lifestyle.

If the Democrats take the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has vowed to push for passage of the Equality Act that would add overreaching protections for LGBT people to the existing Civil Rights Act.

Let's be clear. As we are seeing played out in our nation's courtrooms, the radical LGBT's movement's goal is to criminalize the Christian faith by placing our beliefs on the wrong side of the law.

God forbid you believe in biblical marriage. Keep those views to yourself, they say.

If you share my concern that LGBT organizations are trying to "mainstream" their hate campaign against Liberty Counsel and our nation's people of faith, go here to help me fight back by making your best possible gift today.

And thank you for your prayers. These are challenging times. But together, we can push back against the attacks, and stand for truth in our nation.

Thank you and God bless you!

Mat Staver, Founder

P.S. The enemies of faith and liberty are outrageously bold. They are now openly trying to ostracize Liberty Counsel in the public square and blacklist us in the legal community! Help me fight back with a special gift today to overcome this difficult financial deficit. Please go here to make your best possible gift:

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