Family Matters!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

There is a disastrous epidemic eating away at America's families that stems from heightened cultural, legal, and legislative attacks on the family structure itself. Radical groups want to redefine marriage and the family. Destroy the natural family and our nation will crumble. But God has raised up Liberty Counsel to fight for America's families!  Please see my important message below — Mat.
Among Liberty Counsel's core tenets is the protection of the family. Right now, there is an unprecedented onslaught targeting our families through cultural immersion, government mandates and extreme propaganda taught in our public schools.

Christian principles are being systematically rooted out of our schools and culture. The minds of children are being barraged as never before with revisionist history, immoral behaviors and abhorrent lifestyles. Theses forces must be stopped!

With the escalation of cultural and legal assaults on the American family, marriage, and parental rights, 2018 was a very busy year for Liberty Counsel's legal team.

We are intensely involved in the fight for Marriage and the Family . . .

• Filing suits and litigating laws that seek to ban counselors from providing and clients from receiving any counsel to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex sexual attraction, behavior or identity. Three cities in Florida are imposing anti-faith laws that effectively ban Christian counseling on gender identity. The bans on Change Therapy violate the First Amendment by imposing a viewpoint and content-based prohibition on the speech of licensed professionals who offer change counseling.  They are unconstitutional and prevent minors from getting the help they seek from unwanted gender confusion. No government has the authority to prohibit a form of counseling desperately needed by children simply because it does not like the religious or moral beliefs of a particular counselor or client. We are fighting these very costly and intense battles.

• Representing concerned parents regarding public school sex education curricula that encourage deviant sexual activity. Many of these indoctrination tactics are being used on children without parental knowledge or consent. 

• Filing amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court to advance the sanctity of human life.

• Supporting religious freedom laws while opposing radical and dangerous LGBT "gender identity" laws.

• Winning lawsuits on behalf of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in multiple states to open the doors for the after-school Good News Clubs. There are thousands of GNC meetings every day at public elementary schools. Through this ministry, millions of children learn about Jesus every school day. When they surrender their young lives, the ripple effect reaches their parents and friends. Thank God, we have never lost a case involving CEF!

When you stand with Liberty Counsel, you are standing for the family and the sanctity of God-ordained, natural marriage. You are joining us in fighting against Big Brother and overreach into our most personal decisions regarding our families. You are helping us stand against the well-funded, radical LGBTQ movement.

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Liberty Counsel will never stand idly by as government administrations, activist judges or radical groups try to redefine the God-ordained institution of marriage, marginalize parental rights, prevent children from receiving Christian counseling and attack the family! The battles we fight on behalf of our families are among the most important cultural battles of our lifetime.

Our legal battles cannot be fought without the support of faithful friends like you. Stand with Liberty Counsel today and advance natural marriage, the rights of parents and our most personal choices against government intervention.

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God bless you for your principled stand on behalf of America's families!
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Liberty Counsel has been aggressively and actively involved in defending natural marriage and the family unit in both the courts and legislatures since our founding in 1989. We act as your ambassadors and God's advocates in America's legal system. 

We could not have helped anyone if it weren't for your generous donations and God's wisdom and strength.

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