I wish you could know her

I wish you could meet Sandra Merritt. She's a wonderful person -- a faithful grandmother who the Lord used to expose some of Planned Parenthood's dirtiest secrets. And for that, she's facing one of the most hostile legal attacks we've ever seen.
Sandra needs our help in her fight against Planned Parenthood's collusion with California's Attorney General. Liberty Counsel's legal team is defending Sandra on two legal fronts and the next 45 days are critical. I must commit all the necessary legal resources to successfully engage these battles.

Please help us meet an immediate online donation need of $20,000 for our litigation fund.

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Please see my update below on the importance of these legal battles — Mat.


Sandra Merritt's courageous undercover work as an investigative journalist exposed Planned Parenthood's barbaric practices of harvesting organs from babies and selling them for profit. The videos she helped to produce stirred the conscience of America.

But in a sickening twist, Sandra now faces 15 felony charges, brought by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to punish Merritt for her undercover work. The fact is, 
Becerra should be investigating Planned Parenthood based on the evidence uncovered!

But it's Sandra who's facing jail time. It's Sandra coming under attack from an extremely aggressive Leftist Attorney General. It's Sandra who's facing bullying and intimidation from Planned Parenthood's legal army.

+ + We are seeking justice for our client.

Liberty Counsel has shown that no other citizen journalist or journalism organization has ever been charged by the state of California with a crime for undercover recordings made in the public interest. The weight of the evidence demonstrates that the prosecution against Merritt is both selective and highly discriminatory. When law enforcement selectively targets people, everyone should be concerned.
To make matters worse, Planned Parenthood is also deploying its legal war chest in a very aggressive civil suit against Sandra.

As you know, we do not charge Sandra or any client for representation. Liberty Counsel relies on a faithful team of supporters like you to stand with us as we fight each critical battle.
Today, we urgently need YOUR HELP! As I mentioned above, we have an immediate need of $20,000 that must be met before the end of January. As of this morning, we are 70% toward meeting this urgent need with two days left in the month. Your tax-deductible gift is vital to our efforts to defend Sandra.

Will you prayerfully consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift to Liberty Counsel today?
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The verified collaboration between Planned Parenthood and the California Attorney General demonstrates a severe conflict of interest. If Planned Parenthood and government officials are allowed to coordinate their activities in any case, but especially in a criminal case against pro-life citizens, then the pro-life movement is in serious trouble.

We are up against an ARMY of prosecutors and support staff with a massive budget, operating with Planned Parenthood's legal war chest. The State of California has made it clear that they will spare no expense to convict Sandra.
That's why I'm asking the Liberty Counsel team to step forward in a big way this week to keep us on track with this crucial fight as well as other vital cases across the country.

Friend, you make our defense of Sandra and others possible with your tax-deductible gifts. Your support helps us stand against Planned Parenthood's efforts to crush the whistleblowers!

The next 45 to 60 days are absolutely critical for both cases against Sandra Merritt.

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Thank you to all of you who have already generously donated, You make our work possible.

God bless you for standing with us in defending Sandra and against Planned Parenthood!

P.S. Sandra has bravely stood up to a heavily funded corporation and exposed the truth of their brutal practices. She should be celebrated, not punished by our legal system. Sandra is not intimidated by Planned Parenthood's bullies. We cannot allow Planned Parenthood to win when they're the ones who should be on trial! Today, the fight for Sandra's exoneration continues.

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