Immediate action needed!

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel

Tomorrow, the Senate is set to vote on a spending package that includes funding for President Trump's latest proposal to enhance border security and end the partial government shutdown. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also crafting a House version to end the stalemate, but it will not include funding for a wall/fence that the Democrats have deemed as "immoral" and only needed to appease the President's "vanity."  

This is our call to action! Liberty Counsel is asking everyone to barrage members in both chambers of Congress with our "Secure Our Borders Now" messages. Congress must work to pass the President's comprehensive border security package and end the government shutdown!

Our Fax Barrage system targets your state's congressional leaders, as well as House and Senate leaders who must hear your voice in this key budgetary fight over border security.

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As reported by Roll Call, "Senate Republicans have released a $354.5 billion fiscal 2019 spending package that includes $5.7 billion for border wall construction as well as temporary relief for enrollees in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and immigrants receiving Temporary Protected Status."
President Trump, consulting with Republicans and Democrats, crafted a workable compromise to the nation's political standoff that will reopen our government, secure the border, and start a reform of our immigration system.

Democrats immediately rejected his plan sight unseen. In turn, the President accused congressional Democrats of "playing politics with people's lives."


America faces an ongoing national security threat and humanitarian crisis unless our elected officials rise to the challenge of fulfilling the government's most basic obligations: physical safety, economic security, essential public services, and the uniform protection of our laws.
Click here to send an immediate message to key members of Congress. Everything you need is one click away to craft your own message or use one of our pre-written messages. With your faxes, demand that Congress pass all of President Trump's requested border security funding NOW!

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+ + President Trump's comprehensive plan includes the following, as laid out by the White House:
• $5.7 billion to fund a steel barrier system, including embedded investments in technology and roads, on our southern border in the priority areas cited by the Border Patrol.
• $805 million for technology, canines, and personnel to help stop the flow of illegal drugs, weapons and other contraband. This includes:
• $675 million for drug detection inspection technology to help secure our ports of entry.
• $130 million for canine units, training, personnel and portable scanners to help deter and detect smuggled narcotics, weapons, and other dangerous materials.
• $800 million dollars in humanitarian assistance, medical support, and new temporary housing.
• $782 million to hire an additional 2,750 border agents, law enforcement officers, and staff.
•$563 million to support our immigration court system, including hiring 75 new immigration judge teams to reduce the immigration court backlog of 800,000 cases.

As part of President Trump's compromise to reopen the government, he is proposing to grant provisional status to current DACA and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients.
• Provisional status would be granted for three years for current DACA recipients, covering 700,000 illegal immigrants brought here by their parents at a young age. This status will give them access to work permits, social security numbers, and protection from deportation.
• Provisional status would be granted to certain current TPS recipients for three years, providing 300,000 immigrants whose protected status is facing expiration more certainty as Congress works on a larger immigration deal.
President Trump said this initial proposal, "is not intended to solve all of our immigration challenges." Once the government is open and the immediate crisis is addressed, the President will hold weekly bipartisan meetings to further reform our immigration system.
Yet, hypocritical Democrats who previously voted for wall funding have dug in their heels and called the President's plan a "non-starter."

Click here to send an immediate message to Capitol Hill calling on lawmakers to Secure our Borders and get government employees back to work.

Thank you for taking prompt and decisive action!
God bless you,
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. President Trump's border security initiative is a comprehensive plan that must be funded and implemented as quickly as possible
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P.P.S. Your Representative and Senators' offices can be reached by calling the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. In addition, you can reach Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office at (202) 225-4965 and Sen. Chuck Schumer's office at (202) 224-6542.