A new effort to cripple Liberty Counsel!

At the core of malicious attacks aimed at Liberty Counsel is the LGBT community's disdain for our pro-marriage views and defense of marriage as being between one man and one woman. Working in partnership with several Leftist organizations, their mission includes launching direct economic assaults on us, silencing us in the public square, and attacking us in courts of law. Clearly, they want to cripple us because we are having a nationwide impact to derail their misguided agenda!
We cannot afford to shrink back and let anti-faith, anti-family forces "win the day." We must meet the unprecedented attacks from pro-homosexual groups by pushing back and fighting even harder. That's why we need your help today! 

Specifically, we are still facing a serious budget shortfall this month. With this being the final day of August, we are turning to friends like you to help in a big way! Please see my report below, and go here to make your best possible tax-deductible gift to help Liberty Counsel fight back.


The Southern Poverty Law Center labels Liberty Counsel as a "hate group." GuideStar joined the SPLC's mission to cut off hate groups from sources of financing, by also labeling us as a "hate group." AmazonSmile bans Liberty Counsel from participationg in their nonprofit share program because of the SPLC's outrageous designation. Now, Liberty Counsel is the direct target of an effort to effectively "blacklist" our organization in the legal community!


An erroneously named "Commit To Inclusion" campaign, announced a few weeks ago by the National LGBT Bar Association, specifically names and targets Liberty Counsel and calls on lawyers to SIGN A PLEDGE to never work with Liberty Counsel.

+ + Liberty Counsel Is "Enemy #1"...

As I wrote earlier, in one sense, perhaps we should be honored. The LGBT legal community has effectively named Liberty Counsel "Enemy #1"! But the danger is that these groups are using their influence in the broader legal community to "mainstream" their anti-faith, anti-marriage intolerance and blacklist Liberty Counsel and other faith-based organizations.

I need to aggressively fight this latest, blatant example of anti-faith, anti-marriage bigotry that targets Liberty Counsel. And I must continue to press forward on key battles that threaten the liberties of people of faith.

But to do so, I need your help to meet our critical month-end need....

If you share my outrage that these LGBT lawyers are trying to "mainstream" their hate campaign against Liberty Counsel, go here to help me fight back by making your best possible gift today.

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And thank you for your prayers! These are difficult times. But together, we can push back against these attacks, and stand for truth in our nation.

Thank you and God bless you!

Mat Staver, Founder

P.S. The LGBT community is directly on the attack against Liberty Counsel, and I need your help to fight back. They are now openly trying to blacklist us in the legal community! Help me fight back. Please go here to make your best tax-deductible gift: