Outrageous: NY AG doubles down

From the desk of:
Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel

After her predecessor suffered a humiliating rebuke by a federal judge, the New York Attorney General, Barbara Underwood, has filed a desperate appeal in their case against 13 pro-life Christians who counsel women and share the gospel on the public sidewalks outside New York's largest abortion business.

Liberty Counsel is fighting to stop the New York AG's malicious attempts to silence pro-life voices. See my update on this major case below — Mat.

Liberty Counsel is engaged in an intense legal battle against one of the most blatantly hostile anti-life attacks we've seen in many years.

The pro-abortion New York Attorney General has filed an appeal on behalf of a federal lawsuit against 13 people who protested outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Liberty Counsel represents Scott Fitchett, Jr., one of the courageous pro-life defendants. Fitchett is a pre-K teacher who has spent Saturdays peacefully sharing the gospel on public sidewalks throughout New York City.

This latest appeal comes on the heels of District Judge Carol Bagley Amon's denial of an injunction sought by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

+ + "Biased and unreliable"

Judge Amon's order denying the OAG's injunction meticulously took apart the false claims of harassment and intimidation against Fitchett and the other defendants. Judge Amon found the OAG's witnesses, including four Choices "escorts," to lack credibility, and found the OAG's video evidence to fall far short of the state's burden of proof.

"[T]he OAG has not cited a single video that corroborates the witness testimony . . . . Instead, the video evidence contradicts the escorts' accounts of protestor conduct on specific occasions."

Judge Amon's order exposed the Office of the Attorney General's case as a sham, painstakingly exposing the exaggeration and unreliability of each of the attorney general's witnesses. It seemed inconceivable that the attorney general would appeal this case knowing that the lower district court issued a detailed opinion detailing the false and unreliable witnesses of the state.

Among the OAG's key witnesses against our client was Merle Hoffman, a notorious abortionist whom Forbes called the "Millionaire Abortionist" and whose Brooklyn clinic performs 10,000 abortions annually.

Another witness was Mary Lou Greenberg. Greenberg stealthily worked to gather "evidence" against the pro-life defendants when she was not planning and advocating for a violent revolution to overthrow the United States government by force. Greenberg is a spokeswoman for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

+ + We will not retreat from tactics of intimidation!

This is just one of several critical legal challenges Liberty Counsel attorneys are engaged in as we defend pro-faith, pro-life, and pro-family citizens who are coming under increasingly hostile attack.

Cases like this can be extremely expensive and typically require months or even years of legal work. As of this morning, we are $25,000 behind our pace this month for online support to help keep our team fully engaged in these and other battles.

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Yours for life and liberty,

Mat Staver, Founder

P.S. This appeal is just another frivolous harassment by the State of New York against our pro-life client. Their relentless targeting clearly demonstrates an effort to bully pro-life citizens into silence -- not just in New York, but across America! We depend on the generosity of friends like you during such times as these when God-fearing Americans come under intense assault.

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