Why Planet Fitness banned Christian woman

Tuesday P.M.

A few days ago, I briefly mentioned a Liberty Counsel case involving a woman who was effectively BANNED from Planet Fitness because she complained that a transgendered male was using the women's locker room.

Therest of the story is much worse, and more shocking. It's a total outrage that this fitness center took action against our client and revoked her membership! And it is cases like this that illustrate precisely why your support of Liberty Counsel is so vital.

Here's what happened...

+ + There's a man in the women's locker room!

Our client, "Mrs. H," went into the women's locker room at Planet Fitness and was confronted by the reality that a man was standing in front of the makeup mirror. This vantage point gave this person full view of every woman entering or exiting the shower. Our client politely asked the man, a transgendered male, to leave. Not only did he refuse, but he then proceeded to smirk back at Mrs. H and continue to stare at her.

An hour passed during which the transgendered male refused to leave the locker room.

When Mrs. H. decided to leave the facility, the transgendered man followed her to her car while calling 911 and making a claim of "sexual harassment!" Clearly, it was our client who was harassed. Clearly it was our client -- and every other woman in this facility -- whose safety and privacy had been violated!

Mrs. H let the local Planet Fitness staff know what had happened, but instead of taking action against the perpetrator, Planet Fitness sent our client a "cancellation notice" claiming that she violated their policy that warns against "grunting, dropping weights, and judging."

This is outrageous. But this is precisely where we are headed in a society in which the anti-faith, anti-marriage, same-sex elites run the show!

If we do not stand up for our faith and or families, then we should expect to be run out of fitness centers, and restaurants, and job opportunities, and just about any public place. Even our churches are at risk from this same-sex totalitarianism!

+ + We are fighting to protect Mrs. H. and Christians across the country...

As I write, Liberty Counsel's legal team is fighting on behalf of Mrs. H. We already issued a Demand Letter to Planet Fitness calling for them to reinstate Mrs. H's membership and make changes to its policies to prevent blatant sex-based harassment by males in the women's facilities.

This is just one of DOZENS of battles we are fighting on behalf of people of faith who are coming under attack and encountering blatant discrimination and harassment. I want Liberty Counsel to be able to answer every call for help at no charge to the client... but I need your help to do so!

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Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
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Photo attribution: Justin Wu