Schoolchildren in Abortion Alley

Aug 22, 2019

Liberty Counsel filed a reply brief in its appeal seeking dismissal of the Two Rivers Public Charter School’s lawsuit against pro-life advocate Larry Cirignano for his constitutionally protected speech against the flagship Planned Parenthood facility in D.C.

Since 2015, Cirignano, represented by Liberty Counsel, has peacefully protested the existence of the abortion facility which shares an alley and sidewalk with the Two Rivers elementary school building.

The charter school sued Cirigano and other pro-life advocates for being on the public sidewalk shared by the school and Planned Parenthood, claiming the presentation of the truth about Planned Parenthood and informing the public about the school children’s exposure to this abortion facility caused “emotional distress” and were a “nuisance” to the school. Cirigano, however, has only stood on the sidewalk peacefully holding a sign, and has never trespassed on school property or otherwise broken any laws.

Mat Staver said, “Every school day, innocent children walk by this facility where babies are killed. School officials should be ashamed for trying to hide this death trap from parents and the public.”

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