Abortion Mill Next to Schools?

Aug 22, 2019

A Washington, DC, charter school is suing to shut down the peaceful, pro-life witness of our client, Larry Cirignano. But thanks to friends like you, Liberty Counsel is in court to defend the freedom guaranteed to him in the Constitution.

Incredibly, Two Rivers Charter School wants to deny Larry's constitutionally protected speech. But it's okay with a 26,000 square foot abortion facility RIGHT NEXT to its elementary and middle schools.

Abortion chain Planned Parenthood sandwiched its mill right between the charter school's elementary and middle school buildings. For PP, that may be a shrewd business move to cultivate future "clients."

Alarmed and concerned, Larry and other pro-life advocates stand on the sidewalk to inform the public about the school children's unavoidable exposure to this abortion center next door.

But instead of welcoming the exercise of his First Amendment freedom, the charter school wants to sweep him off the sidewalk. It claims his peaceful, pro-life witness inflicted "emotional distress" and was a "nuisance" to the school.

Yet Larry has only stood on the sidewalk holding a sign. One message reads:


"If you teach kids it's OK for moms to kill babies, don't be surprised when children kill children. End the violence."

Cirignano has never trespassed on school property or otherwise broken any laws.

A District of Columbia Superior Court judge denied Liberty Counsel's motion to dismiss Two Rivers' lawsuit. We appealed. Just yesterday, Liberty Counsel filed our reply brief to dismiss in defense of Cirignano's constitutionally protected speech.

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+ + Our docket is filled with vital cases...

Liberty Counsel's defense of Larry Cirignano is just one of hundreds of far-reaching cases and issues we are now handling. Many impact every American. Here is a brief review of key cases. . .


  • Sandra Merritt and Planned Parenthood – Our client, Sandra Merritt, wanted to defend innocent babies and took on one of the most powerful organizations in America – Planned Parenthood. Now she faces 15 trumped-up felony charges in California and an outrageous $16 million lawsuit by the abortion giant. 

  • New York Sidewalk Counselors – Last July, a federal court ruled for our client, Scott Fitchett, Jr, against the New York Attorney General. Scott is a Pre-K teacher who shared the gospel outside a New York abortion mill. New York AG Eric Schneiderman, who later resigned in disgrace over sexual harassment, tried to crush him. We will go after the New York AG's office for damages because the suit was frivolous from the beginning. 

  • Pennsylvania Sidewalk Counselors – We are asking a federal Court of Appeals to overturn an abortion buffer zone law in Harrisburg, PA, that unlawfully protects a Planned Parenthood facility. 

  • Counseling Bans – Since the Supreme Court adopted our arguments in two of our cases challenging counseling bans, we have been busy in California, Florida, Maryland and New Jersey. We will file in more states. It is only a matter of time before one of our cases will go back to the Supreme Court to overturn these dangerous laws that ban counsel for unwanted same-sex attraction, behavior and gender confusion.

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For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
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