Closing Arguments for Sandra Tomorrow - Pray!

Nov 12, 2019

As you read this, Liberty Counsel is in court in San Francisco for closing arguments in Planned Parenthood’s revenge suit demanding millions from pro-life hero Sandra Merritt.

Closing arguments take place today and tomorrow. After that, the jury takes the case and a verdict may come at any time. But right now, I ask you to pray for Harry Mihet and our legal team. He will be addressing the jury and urging them to acquit Sandra on all counts.

Because of bias in the courtroom, “it will take an absolute miracle to pull out a victory,” Harry said. But, he added, “God is able. His will be done!”

Please pray. And please consider a gift now. This is the most important pro-life legal conflict in decades. Planned Parenthood is desperate to crush Sandra and bury the shocking evidence she uncovered revealing the abortion giant’s heinous commerce in body parts cut from the infants it kills.

Because trial costs are in the high six figures and the need is unmet, I ask you to consider an urgently needed gift now. Even if you have already given (and many of our faithful supporters like you have done so), your support today will make a real difference for Sandra . . . and the unborn.

Let me share Harry's request for prayer below. —Mat.

Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet issued this call for prayer yesterday as he prepared his closing arguments on behalf of pro-life hero Sandra Merritt. . . .

Pray that God gives me the right words in closing, and that they would have maximum impact with the jury. Pray for justice and victory. But above all, pray for God’s will to be done, and for Him to be glorified *whatever the outcome.*

This MercyMe song perfectly encapsulates Sandra’s and my prayer:

I know You're able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if You don't
My hope is You alone!
Daniel 3:16-18.

Because closing arguments were not completed today, Harry will address the jury tomorrow morning. After that, the now 10-person jury (one was excused after an accident; another had the flu) will start deliberating.

Here's why your prayers are especially needed. Because of bias in the courtroom, as Harry told us, “it will take an absolute miracle to pull out a victory.”

Sandra faces the very real possibility of a crushing jury verdict. And that verdict could come anytime--possibly even later this week.

Planned Parenthood is suing Sandra for millions. Her supposed "crime" was exposing the abortion giant's brutal, merciless and greedy commerce in the baby body parts its cuts from the tiny, innocent, and helpless humans it kills.

+  +  Sandra faces real jeopardy

And now, incredibly, the perpetrator, Planned Parenthood, is the one suing Sandra!

Sandra is a whistleblower whose groundbreaking undercover footage showed Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the prices of baby body parts, picking through bloody arms and legs of aborted babies in a tray and discussing how to alter abortion methods to obtain better body parts for sale.

This courageous 66-year-old grandmother joined David Daleiden in a 30-month exposé that shook Planned Parenthood's bloody empire.

But now she faces real jeopardy. Final arguments are taking place now and conclude tomorrow morning. After that, the case goes to the jury and a verdict could come anytime—possibly this week.

And if Planned Parenthood wins, Sandra will be hit with a ruinous judgment.

That's why I’m asking you to stand with her today—in prayer and financial support.

This is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel history. The cost of this trial alone is in the high six figures. And right now, we are still shy of meeting the enormous cost of defending Sandra in the most important pro-life legal battle in decades.

Your generosity today, even if you have given before, will help close the gap and make a huge difference for Sandra and the unborn.

Closing arguments are taking place now and conclude tomorrow morning. Please pray and stand with Sandra by giving today! Thank you!

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel