Yesterday in Court...

Nov 14, 2019

Liberty Counsel attorney Harry Mihet fired off a text to me from San Francisco yesterday afternoon. He sent it just after closing arguments concluded and Planned Parenthood’s baseless vengeance suit demanding millions from our client Sandra Merritt went to the jury.

Here’s the text from Harry, who was the last to speak for the defense:

Closing over. Jury is out. God was really with me - everything went right. I ended with a crescendo... someone in court yelled "Amen!" And got escorted out :).

After six weeks, this landmark case is now in the jury’s hands . . . and in God’s. Please pray for a just outcome. My prayer is that Harry’s powerful words will ring in jurors’ ears as they deliberate. See some key excerpts below.

Planned Parenthood wants to punish and bankrupt Sandra, a courageous 66-year-old grandmother on Social Security. And why? She exposed the abortion giant’s ghastly racket selling human body parts cut from the babies it ruthlessly slaughters.

Because this is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel’s history, I’m again asking for your gracious support now, even if you’ve helped before. This is a critical battle against a savage abortion giant and your support today is vital. Please be as generous as you can! –Mat

What drove Sandra Merritt—a 66-year-old grandmother on Social Security—to take on the world’s leading abortion machine?

Why did she risk everything to join David Daleiden and others in a 30-month undercover investigation that ripped away Planned Parenthood’s glossy PR veneer and revealed the greedy abortion butcher below?

The answer is simple . . . and profound.

As Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet told jurors yesterday, “her conscience would not let her forget the things that she learned about the trafficking of human organs.” For example, as Harry told jurors . . . 

  • Ms. Merritt could not forget the evil laughter of Dr. Miles Jones in the 20/20 video, who likened the human fetus to a “golden goose” and bragged about the obscene amounts of money he made in selling human babies, piece by piece.
  • Nor could Ms. Merritt ignore the head of fetal tissue purchaser and Planned Parenthood partner ABR, who admitted in that 20/20 video that ABR gave its abortion provider partners manual syringes to maximize the dollar value of the human organs they obtained from patients, knowing full well that using manual syringes prolonged the abortion procedure by as much as 15 minutes.
  • Nor could Ms. Merritt forget learning about the Stanford study involving human hearts procured by StemExpress – another Planned Parenthood partner – and hooked up to Langendorff Perfusions.
  • Nor could she forget the absolute horror when she learned from Mr. Daleiden and Dr. Deisher that Langendorff Perfusions ONLY WORK ON HEARTS THAT ARE STILL BEATING, meaning that they must have been taken out of born-alive human beings.

+  +  Planned Parenthood scoffs

A Planned Parenthood attorney Tuesday ridiculed the claim that beating hearts were harvested from living babies inside Planned Parenthood facilities. But she didn’t refute it in her argument to the jury . . . nor did Planned Parenthood do so in the trial, when it had the chance, as Harry pointed out to jurors:

Did Planned Parenthood bring in a witness to testify that it did not sell fetal tissue, such as human hearts, to StemExpress? No, because we know from undisputed testimony that it did.

Did Planned Parenthood bring in a witness to testify that Dr. Theresa Deisher was off her rocker when she told Mr. Daleiden that StemExpress hearts hooked up to Langendorff Perfusions would have had to be still beating when procured? No, Planned Parenthood said NOTHING in response.

Did Planned Parenthood bring in a witness from Stanford’s Independent Review Board, to tell you that the Langendorff study did NOT involve beating human hearts? Of course not. Don’t you think they would have brought someone, if their testimony would have helped them?

But when it comes to things that actually matter, Planned Parenthood said NOTHING. And that silence is deafening.

It tells you all that you need to know.

+  +  "Incredibly biased" jury instructions

Despite Planned Parenthood’s empty case against Sandra, we face a steep uphill climb to win. That’s because U.S. District Judge William Orrick—who has known ties to Planned Parenthood and refused to recuse himself—prohibited a First Amendment defense.

Sandra and her colleagues are citizen journalists who went undercover to expose blatant trafficking in baby body parts. But they can’t raise a First Amendment defense against Planned Parenthood’s sham suit.

Because the jury instructions, as Harry stated, “are incredibly biased and designed to straight jacket this jury to find against us, it will take an absolute miracle to pull out a victory.” But, he added, “God is able. His will be done.”


+  +  Your help needed now!

Will you pray and partner with Liberty Counsel now in Sandra’s defense? She’s in a critical pro-life battle—and it may intensify in a few weeks when we learn whether the bogus criminal charges against her will go to trial.

Defending Sandra against Planned Parenthood’s double-barreled civil and criminal assault is extraordinarily expensive. But this is also the most crucial pro-life case in a generation. We’re in a fight for Sandra, the unborn . . . and the soul of America.

That’s why I ask for your support. Trial costs for this civil case alone are in the high six figures . . . and the need is unmet.

Will you give an urgently needed gift now? Even if you have already given (and many of our faithful supporters like you have done so), your support today will make a real difference for Sandra . . . and the unborn.

Thank you standing with Sandra at this urgent hour—in friendship, prayer and generous support!

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel