New York "Art Show" Celebrates Abortion

Jan 17, 2020

I won't tell you everything that's showing at a New York City art exhibit celebrating abortion. But you'll still be appalled. This morbid show is a benefit for Planned Parenthood. It makes me all the more determined to defeat the abortion giant in court as we defend pro-life champion Sandra Merritt. See below and stand with us! - Mat

You won't believe what art fanciers will see as they wander through the "Abortion is Normal" art show in New York City (and I'm leaving a few things out) . . .

  • "Thank God for Abortion" shirts
  • Paintings of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Text-based art declaring: "Dear Judge Kavanaugh, if you don't like abortions don't get one."
  • A curious assemblage of vials and jars titled: "I want your blood."

Prices for this dubious art range as high as $90,000. A share of the proceeds goes to Planned Parenthood—America's abortion king which is already awash in cash.

+  +  No surprise, but this isn't on display...

But there's one thing not showing at this artsy celebration of death: images of unborn children or babies. Visitors won't see pictures or paintings of infants kicking, sucking their thumbs, sleeping or smiling in utero. Nor the disturbing aftermath of abortion. No pictures of severed and bloody arms, leg, skulls and torsos.

That is the cruel and tragic "work product" for which Planned Parenthood is most well-known. The abortion chain killed a record 345,672 unborn babies during its 2018-2019 fiscal year. It also brought in more than $1.6 billion in revenue.

And now it's seeking millions more in court from our client, Sandra Merritt, and her co-defendants.

Sandra, as you know, is the brave grandmother who went undercover to expose, on video, Planned Parenthood's heinous commerce in human organs harvested from its helpless preborn victims.

+  +  Biased judge helps hide the truth

Planned Parenthood is determined to bury the truth revealed in the stunning undercover videos showing senior Planned Parenthood officials:

  • Joking about wanting a Lamborghini while negotiating for the best price on infant body parts
  • Chatting with detached indifference at lunch about harvesting brains, livers, kidneys and legs from tiny unborn children
  • Offering to alter abortion technique – to use a "less crunchy" technique – to ensure tissue is undamaged and suitable for research

And a biased federal judge helped Planned Parenthood bury the truth last fall when he ordered the jury in the abortion firm's revenge suit to find against Sandra and her co-defendants.

We're aggressively contesting that unjust outcome because of the outrageous, reversible errors committed during trial by U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick. Judge Orrick, as you may recall, helped co-found a Planned Parenthood clinic! And he refused to recuse himself from the case.

+  +  Real progress against bogus criminal charges

We're also fighting bogus criminal charges lodged against Sandra by Planned Parenthood's hired gun, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Thanks to the financial assistance provided by good friends and partners like you, we've whittled Becerra's 15-count criminal indictment down to nine charges. Now we're in court to eliminate the rest.

But to make that happens and to fight all the other critical legal battles we face, I'm asking for your help now.

Sandra's fight against Planned Parenthood is a crucial part of ending abortion in America. She exposed the abortion giant's evil deeds and gave it a huge and very public black eye. Now it's doing everything possible to punish her and bury the truth she exposed.

Don't let that happen!

Stand with Sandra today with your gift of 35, 50, 100, even 500 dollars, even if you've given before to this pressing need. Planned Parenthood's double-barreled civil and criminal legal assault on Sandra is the most expensive fight in Liberty Counsel history. Please stand with her today!

Pro-life Americans are observing Sanctity of Human Life Sunday this weekend. And we're about to mark the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Because of this deeply flawed Supreme Court ruling, abortionists have killed more than 60 million babies since 1973.

Now is the time to do everything possible to end abortion—and to defeat its most cash-flush and aggressive champion, Planned Parenthood.

Please be as generous as you can now. Let's wage and win this battle for the unborn—and with God's help bring the killing to an end!

Thanks so much for your friendship and for partnering with me in the cause of life and liberty.

For the unborn,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Because it is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday this weekend, I ask for your generous partnership now to wage this battle for Sandra and the unborn! Thank you!