Outrageous school "gender identity" case

From the desk of:
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Two Florida teachers have been threatened and censored after objecting to a female student showering with male students. Liberty Counsel has written a letter to the chairman of the Pasco County School District Board in response to an unwritten "policy" that allowed a girl to use the boys' bathroom and is "violating male students and teachers' rights."
Nationwide, we are seeing an alarming trend: Radical "gender identity" indoctrination is infiltrating our public schools through means that are largely unknown to parents.
Liberty Counsel is fighting back, but the threat to our children, and our culture, is very real.  See my message below on this unfolding legal matter – Mat.
Pasco County Public Schools personnel have adopted a harmful, unauthorized "policy" and practice of promoting LGBT ideology in violation of the rights of students, parents, and teachers -- all without school board and parental approval.
Liberty Counsel is urging the School Board to take immediate action to stop the harmful behavior at Chasco Middle School and elsewhere in the district resulting from a so-called "Gender Support Plan" and "Best Practices Guide," authored by a school psychologist. 
The overtly pro-homosexual documents encourage improper locker and bathroom access, the use of false gender pronouns, and withholding of information from parents. The unauthorized "Plan" imposes one person's beliefs about gender over the beliefs of teachers, other students, and parents.
Pasco County administrators have threatened and silenced two P.E. teachers who objected to this Plan in order to allow a gender-confused girl into the boys' locker room and open showers.

The female student had full access to disrobe and even shower alongside boys. Administrators tried to force the male teachers to directly supervise and observe the girl in her use of the space. Both teachers objected to administrators' refusal to inform minor boys and their parents beforehand, so their sons' privacy could be protected. The girl remains free to enter the boys' locker and open showers at any time.
The explicit intention to violate parental rights is clearly seen throughout the Guide, and in the Plan:
• Refrain "from talking to anyone else about the student -- including their parent(s)."
• School staff are not authorized to disclose information about transgender students with "the student's parents/guardians."
• Staff members must "not assume the parents/caregivers know and support the student's gender identity/expression."
• Schools "have an obligation to not disclose the student's transgender status to other students or parents unless the student has provided explicit permission to do so."
+ + Parental rights are under siege!

Millions of students across the country are being thrust into what is increasingly becoming a blatantly hostile climate that attacks faith and family at their very foundations. These efforts are often done without parental involvement and consent, and violate the rights of students and the liberties of parents.
Right now, Liberty Counsel is fighting several critical battles in school districts across the country to stop the indoctrination of our children. We MUST fight these battles to the fullest extent that the legal process allows.
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The Pasco County School Board must take action to reign in these rogue school employees and administrators and reject their unauthorized LGBT policies and practices that violate parental and employee rights and the privacy rights of students. The Pasco County Schools must take charge to bring its employees into compliance with the law.
One thing is clear; we are facing a sophisticated and highly orchestrated agenda by activists determined to brainwash millions of schoolchildren through stealth and subversive teaching techniques that undermine parental authority.
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Mathew Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. Radical activists are pushing harmful "gender identity" and pro-LGBT ideologies in our public schools. Liberty Counsel is fighting dangerous attacks on students' rights and parental liberties right now and we need your help. Every gift, no matter the amount, helps tremendously.