Parental advisory!

Parental Advisory!

Radical "social justice" indoctrination is being stealthily enacted in our public schools -- and largely unknown to parents. One instructional method used in classrooms is called "Queering English."

Right now, Liberty Counsel is fighting several critical battles in school districts across the country, but I'm very concerned that we could see an explosion of attacks in the coming days. And much of this is being done without or against parental consent.

Signing Liberty Counsel's STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY WITH CHRISTIAN PARENTS AND STUDENTS indicates your support for Christian parents and students who are coming under attack from a dangerous and systematic anti-faith agenda in our nation's schools. Click here to stand with us as we defend Christian students and parents. Please see my important update below — Mat.

As I write, millions of students across the country returning to school are being thrust into what is increasingly becoming a blatantly hostile climate that attacks faith and family at their very foundations.

Even English class has been corrupted by a radical anti-faith, same-sex push -- and is now being openly called "QUEERING ENGLISH"!

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) promotes not just "English" instruction, but a radical "social justice" and critical theory agenda. NCTE trains teachers to indoctrinate students with radical ideology, under the guise of classroom English assignments, and in violation of parental rights.

The situation in our public schools has devolved to the point that it is difficult to believe what is taking place.
Many public schools have become breeding grounds for religious intolerance; cells of Leftist indoctrination; cauldrons of ideas and teachings that literally poison the minds of children and young adults; vehicles for transforming young people's cultural and moral standards; engines designed to turn students away from the ethics being taught in a majority of American homes.    

That's why we have launched a national STATEMENT OF SOLIDARY WITH CHRISTIAN PARENTS AND STUDENTS, announcing that our friends and supporters are standing with those who are coming under attack in our schools.

We will gather these STATEMENTS OF SOLIDARITY and use them to express national citizen outrage against these efforts to indoctrination our children and grandchildren. Please take a moment to sign our petition in support of Christian students and parents now:

defend students

I believe that God raised up Liberty Counsel to stand ready to counter the Left's deceptive tactics. As you know, the breadth and scope of our legal work is far-reaching and impacts every aspect of our culture.

God bless you for standing with us with your prayers and any financial gift possible!
Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. Today, I want to know that you stand with us by adding your name to our Statement of Solidarity on behalf of christians students and parents. Click here or on the banner below:

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