Parental Alert!

I urge every Christian parent and grandparent to pay careful attention. Nationwide, we are seeing an alarming trend: Radical "social justice" indoctrination is being taught in our public schools through means that are largely unknown to parents.

And the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) "Hate Group" designation is now being applied to parents who stand against this radical indoctrination!

Liberty Counsel is fighting back, but the threat to our children, and our culture, is real -- Mat.

Unknown to many parents, an SPLC curriculum called "Teaching Tolerance" promotes "normalcy" of the LGBT lifestyle in K-12 classrooms. It also teaches revisionist history, casts doubt on the American dream for minorities, discusses the "myth's" about illegal immigrants, and advances many other so-called "progressive" talking points. The program "encourages children and young people to challenge prejudice and learn how to be agents of change in their own lives," ALL without parental consent.  

According to the SPLC's Teaching Tolerance website: "Our Teaching Tolerance project combats prejudice among our nation's youth while promoting equality, inclusiveness and equitable learning environments in the classroom. We produce an array of anti-bias resources that we distribute, free of charge, to educators across the country – award-winning classroom documentaries, lesson plans and curricula, Teaching Tolerance magazine, and more.

The SPLC offers "grants" of $500-$5,000 to participating educators. They report a community of "more than 500,000 educators who read our magazine, screen our films, visit our website, participate in 'Mix It Up at Lunch Day,' use our curriculum or participate in our social media community."
Parents opposed to the Teaching Tolerance curriculum are now being labeled by the SPLC as a,"Hate Group."
+ + Stealth indoctrination!
In August I alerted you to the fact that "millions of students across the country returning to school are being thrust into what is increasingly becoming a blatantly hostile climate that attacks faith and family at their very foundations."

Even English class has been corrupted by this radical anti-faith, same-sex push -- and is now being widely positioned as "QUEERING ENGLISH"!

These efforts often are done without parental involvement and consent, and violate the rights of students and the liberties of parents.

Right now, Liberty Counsel is fighting several critical battles in school districts across the country to stop the indoctrination of our children. We MUST fight these current battles to the fullest extent that the legal process allows. AND, we must be ready to handle what could be a FLOOD of new attacks as the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance," "QUEERING ENGLISH," and other radical "strategies" infiltrate into the schools.
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+ + One thing is clear...
We are facing a sophisticated and highly orchestrated agenda by activists determined to brainwash millions of schoolchildren through stealth and subversive teaching techniques that undermine parental authority.
And without groups like Liberty Counsel, Christian parents and students are often left to fight this well-funded agenda on their own!
+ + Our need…
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Please PRAY for Christian students, parents and teachers who are facing the “point of the spear" of these efforts by radical activists to use our schools for same-sex and anti-faith indoctrination.
Finally, THANK YOU for your partnership with Liberty Counsel, and for your prayers on behalf of our team and those who are facing the brunt of these attacks.
God bless you!
Mathew Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel
P.S. Radical activists are pushing same-sex indoctrination in our schools to the degree that now they are talking openly about “Queering English"! This is outrageous. Liberty Counsel is fighting dangerous attacks on students' rights and parental liberties right now and we need your help. Every gift, no matter the amount, helps tremendously.