Petition: Defend Christian Students Against Radical Indoctrination

There is a very disturbing trend in our schools: "social justice" indoctrination is being taught through stealth means that are largely unknown to parents. Even English is being corrupted by same-sex radicals through what's called "Queering English." Liberty Counsel is fighting back in court and by rallying citizens to stand. This National Petition on behalf of Christian students and parents is designed to express national citizen outrage against these efforts to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren.

If you are outraged by the efforts to indoctrinate our children and violate parental rights, please sign this petition!

The Petition States:

I am signing this STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY to express my support for Christian parents and students who are coming under attack from a dangerous and systematic anti-faith agenda in our nation’s schools.

Sadly, well-funded activists have targeted our schools -- and our vulnerable children -- to push a radical same-sex agenda. They are even pushing “Queering English”! These efforts often are done without parental involvement and consent, and violate the rights of students and the liberties of parents. I’m signing this statement to express my outrage against these attacks as well as my support for those who are coming under attack.

10,000 signatures

Will you sign?