Planned Parenthood attacks pro-life grandmother

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel

Sandra Merritt's undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood's trafficking of aborted babies' body parts unmasked the cynical commercial underbelly of the abortion industry.

Instead of holding Planned Parenthood accountable for their egregious acts, two of California's Attorneys General sided with Planned Parenthood in an "unholy alliance" and maliciously charged Sandra with criminal actions. Liberty Counsel is fighting to defend Sandra on two legal fronts, and the next 60 days are critical in our efforts.

Please help us meet the extensive financial demands necessary to defend Sandra. We must meet an immediate need of $20,000 this month from our online team and $50,000 over the next 30 days so we can win the battles against these deep-pocketed adversaries.

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Please see below for more details on the intense work ahead — Mat

Sandra Merritt is a loving grandmother and pro-life advocate who took action to expose Planned Parenthood's despicable actions of trafficking aborted babies' body parts. In a sickening twist, SANDRA now faces 15 criminal charges from the state of California that carry the very real prospect of a lengthy jail term! To make matters worse, Planned Parenthood is unloading its legal war chest in a very aggressive civil suit against Sandra.
California's Attorney General should be investigating Planned Parenthood based on the evidence uncovered that they illegally trafficked the body parts of aborted babies!

But it's Sandra who's facing jail time. It's Sandra coming under attack from an extremely aggressive Attorney General. It's Sandra who's facing bullying and intimidation from Planned Parenthood's legal army.

 + + The battle enters a crucial stage...

For the past two years, Liberty Counsel has been defending Sandra in both the criminal and civil cases. In just the past few days, this battle has reached the most crucial stage to date. As I write, Liberty Counsel lawyers are in deep preparation for a two-week, evidentiary, preliminary hearing scheduled for next month. More than a dozen alleged "victims" will testify, along with several witnesses.
Simultaneously, Planned Parenthood's civil case against Sandra is ramping up. Before the end of March, Liberty Counsel lawyers will take part in some 40 depositions, each requiring the direct involvement of our legal team. As you might imagine, our direct costs will be astronomical!

Because we DO NOT CHARGE SANDRA for representation, we urgently need YOUR HELP! As I mentioned above, an immediate need of $20,000 must be met before the end of January -- and $50,000 is needed over the next 30 days. Your tax-deductible gift is vital to our efforts to defend Sandra.

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+ + The "unholy alliance" exposed...

To understand why Planned Parenthood and the state of California are working so hard to destroy this pro-life grandmother, you must understand the "unholy alliance" we uncovered between Planned Parenthood and government officials.

For starters, both California Attorneys General involved in the case -- current U.S. Senator Kamala Harris and current AG Xavier Becerra -- have received thousands of dollars in donations from Planned Parenthood's political arm!
But the alliance formed against Sandra went much deeper. Last fall we submitted, on her behalf, overwhelming evidence of an extensive scheme of coordination between Planned Parenthood and the two attorneys general.

The coordination between Planned Parenthood and government officials includes campaign contributions, joint legislative lobbying to enact new laws to benefit Planned Parenthood, public pledges to “Stand with Planned Parenthood," and, most troubling, a meeting between former Attorney General Kamala Harris and top Planned Parenthood officials that occurred only two weeks before Harris' investigators took action to seize evidence from our client.

I am outraged that Sandra Merritt is being viciously attacked by Planned Parenthood's "unholy alliance" with radical government officials. Today, we need your help by declaring,  "I'm standing with Liberty Counsel to defend Sandra at this critical stage and to help you continue other vital efforts on behalf of life, faith and family."

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Thank you, as always, for your support!
May God richly bless you,
P.S. The next 45 to 60 days are absolutely critical for both cases against Sandra Merritt. I must commit all the necessary legal resources to fight these battles. We must see this fight to its conclusion -- no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice! Too much is at stake.

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