Planned Parenthood scheme exposed

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In case you missed it, this past weekend I sent an important message regarding an extensive scheme we've exposed between Planned Parenthood and Xavier Becerra, California's current Attorney General, and Kamala Harris, California's former Attorney General. Harris is now a member of the U.S. Senate and serves on the Judiciary Committee. It has been an "unholy alliance." Their target was and continues to be Sandra "Susan" Merritt, our client who helped expose Planned Parenthood's role in the trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

Today, please consider a special gift to Liberty Counsel as we fight against Planned Parenthood and their political cronies and beneficiaries. See my prior message below for more details — Mat.

As I write, Liberty Counsel attorneys are fighting an unholy alliance between Planned Parenthood and government officials that is trampling on the rights of pro-life citizens.

Last week, on behalf of our client, Sandra Merritt, Liberty Counsel lawyers were back in court asking the judge to compel California's current and former attorney generals to testify regarding their close coordination with Planned Parenthood.

+ + Planned Parenthood's extensive graft...

We have submitted, on behalf of Sandra, overwhelming evidence to the judge detailing this "unholy alliance" between high-ranking government officials and Planned Parenthood. 

The motion describes an extensive scheme of coordination between Planned Parenthood and the two attorney generals. This coordination includes campaign contributions, joint legislative lobbying to enact new laws to benefit Planned Parenthood, public pledges  to “Stand with Planned Parenthood," and, most troubling, a meeting between former AG Kamala Harris and top Planned Parenthood officials that took place only two weeks before Harris' investigators took action to seize evidence from our client.

I want you to understand the details of this case because of the inherent danger such actions pose to pro-life and pro-faith citizens...

If Planned Parenthood and government officials are allowed to coordinate their activities in any case, but especially in a criminal case against pro-life citizens, then the pro-life movement will face the full force of the pro-abortion axis of power against us!

+ + We must fight back against this unholy alliance!

Our work on behalf of Sandra is one of the most important cases in the country. In just a few weeks, we have yet another very important hearing in this case and I must dedicate all the necessary legal resources to Sandra's defense.

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Again, we have yet another critical hearing in just a few weeks in this case which we have been fighting for more than a year. It can take hundreds if not thousands of hours of legal work to fight back in a case like this. Given that we are battling a blatant alliance between top-ranking government officials and Planned Parenthood, the fight is even more difficult.

On top of this, this litigation comes at a time when Planned Parenthood's financial "war chest" has increased dramatically. Following President Trump's election, Planned Parenthood saw its donations grow by a staggering $143 million -- and that does not include the $500 million in taxpayer funds the organization receives each year!

We don't have "deep pocket" funders like that and we certainly do not receive taxpayer dollars! We rely on faithful friends like you so we can offer our services free of charge to Sandra and so many others who are coming under attack.

Please... help me fight Planned Parenthood and this unholy alliance. Go here to make your best possible tax-deductible gift, and thanks so much for your faithful partnership!

For faith, life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

P.S. We must fight this "unholy alliance" between Planned Parenthood and government officials. We cannot allow Planned Parenthood to manipulate the criminal justice system against pro-life citizens. Sandra Merritt has another critical hearing in this case in a few weeks. Please help me fight this battle! Go here:

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