Pray & Vote 2018

America needs Prayer Warriors and Patriots who will help restore our nation!

Throughout American history, our most successful leaders have turned to God in prayer for strength, guidance, unity, and deliverance.

Liberty Counsel firmly believes that if God’s people will humble themselves and call on His name, He will hear our prayers and restore our land!
(2 Chronicles 7:14)

America’s desperate need today is for prayer and Christian participation in our civil government!

Our goal is to rally at least 50,000 believers and American patriots who will commit to PRAY between now and November 6th, and VOTE in the election! 

Your commitment to Pray and Vote states:

I will...

I will pray for our nation’s leadership.
I will pray for God’s guidance in the direction of our country.
I will pray that God restores the biblical pillars that made our nation great.
I will pray for the restoration of our churches and families so they can take their rightful place as pillars of our society.
I will pray for revival and that America’s pulpits will again be aflame with righteousness.

I acknowledge that the right to vote was obtained for us by God-fearing forefathers who understood what a privilege and honor it was to bestow that freedom upon our nation’s citizenry! Further, I accept voting as my duty as a citizen of the United States of America. I will vote in the November 2018 elections and attempt to assure more like-minded citizens will do the same.

50,000 signatures

Will you sign?