It is shocking what the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is getting away with.

And now they are after one of their biggest "prizes" -- they want to destroy Liberty Counsel and discredit me personally through new, highly-targetted lawsuit.

An exposé on the SPLC revealed some startling facts and then concluded that the organization is a "massively funded propaganda machine." In financial disclosures, the SPLC reports an enormous war chest of funds in reserves -- nearly a half-billion dollars -- as reported by the Capital Research Center:

"The far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) ended the last tax year with close to a half billion dollars – $477 million in assets – after taking in an astounding $136 million that year, the group acknowledges in a new IRS filing."

These are funds they can use to tar and feather anyone who opposes the their outrageous agenda.

+ + The SPLC's "tar and feather" strategy...

I've been sharing with you about Liberty Counsel's legal battle against the LGBTQ-driven lawsuit that is backed by the SPLC. We have never faced a legal attack quite like this -- one that is clearly designed to damage or destroy Liberty Counsel and even remove me from the legal battle for our families and religious liberties.

I want you to fully understand how the SPLC works to attack its opponents. The center of their strategy is the SPLC's list of "hate groups" which is still viewed as authoritative by many in the liberal media. Liberty Counsel is currently listed by SPLC as a "hate group" (alongside several KKK, nazi and skinhead organizations). 
Help us fight this SPLC-backed attack.
The SPLC then pushes the media to use its labeling whenever the group is mentioned.

The SPLC bankrolls a massive campaign to destroy groups like Liberty Counsel through this "tar and feather" media strategy. But the SPLC's attack on Liberty Counsel has now gone even further.

The SPLC wants to destroy Liberty Counsel and me personally in court, as well!

That's why I must aggressively fight back -- so Liberty Counsel can defend citizens across the country who dare to stand up to the LGBTQ agenda which is totally intolerant to people of faith who stand for family and biblical values.

Over the past week, I've shared with you about our urgent need for an immediate influx of $50,000 for our "war chest" over and above our projected December budget. As of this morning, we were about 60% toward that important goal, but that means we still need an OUTPOURING of support this weekend to reach our goal.

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This has proven to be a grueling process, consuming countless hours of legal resources. But it must be done, and at the same time, I must keep Liberty Counsel lawyers fighting other crucial battles for faith, family, life and liberty.

That's why it is so critical that we meet this "stretch" goal of $50,000 over and above our projected budget this month. But I cannot meet this goal without friends like you going the "extra mile" with me.

Can I count on your support? As always, your contribution is tax-deductible and so appreciated!

Thank you in advance, and may God richly bless you!

Mat Staver

P.S. The SPLC's "massively funded propaganda machine" is out to destroy Liberty Counsel. That's why I'm counting on an OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT from friends like you to make our stretch goal of $50,000 above our projected budget this month. Go here to make your gift today by check or credit card: