As I write, millions of students across the country returning to school are being thrust into what is increasingly becoming a blatantly hostile climate that attacks faith and family at its very foundations.

Even English class has been corrupted by this radical anti-faith, same-sex push -- and is now being openly positioned as “QUEERING ENGLISH"!

Right now, Liberty Counsel is fighting several critical battles in school districts across the country, but I fear we could see an explosion of attacks in the coming days. And much of this is being done without or against parental consent!

Here's how the radical anti-faith, same-sex advocates are using the public schools to push their agenda...

+ + How they are “Queering English"... 

Liberty Counsel lawyers are fighting one of the most egregious examples of the “queering" of our public schools originating with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). This organization promotes not just "English" instruction, but a radical "social justice" and critical theory agenda. NCTE trains teachers to indoctrinate students with radical ideology, under the guise of classroom English assignments, and in violation of parental rights.

The NCTE's national conference included a long list of “social justice" sessions, including a featured session entitled, "Queering English Studies: Navigating Politics, Policies, and Practices." The session description stated:

“Queer K–12 teachers and students must continue... constructing learning spaces, creating projects, and pursuing research agendas that move English studies … to transformation so that participants can be proactive in their schools and communities."

It gets worse...

+ + Teacher creates personal “dossier" on students!

Liberty Counsel is now representing concerned parents in a Georgia school district where teachers who were actively involved in the NCTE conference as “presenters" are imposing their agenda.

One English teacher and NCTE presenter actually required her students, without parental consent, to complete an individual "dossier" containing confidential and personally identifiable information including a photograph, a strand of hair, a handwriting sample and fingerprints. These "dossiers" were posted in the classroom where the data could have been taken by students, staff, faculty and school guests, thus violating students' privacy.

In addition, this teacher required the students to complete a politically charge “propaganda" assignment that along with the “dossier" was consistent with the radical agenda promoted by the NCTE.

In any environment and for any reason, it is a gross violation to students' liberties and parental rights to collect such personally identifiable “dossier" information. But when the teacher is openly connected to a radical education program, the danger to students is even more pronounced.

Liberty Counsel has demanded this school district forbid teachers from requiring students to create "dossiers" on themselves or "propaganda" about any subject. Liberty Counsel also is demanding that teachers be counseled regarding parental rights and student privacy, and disciplined if they bring radical NCTE ideologies into the classroom.

But the sad reality is, this is just ONE example of many shocking violations of the rights of Christian students and parents that are taking place across the country. As I write, Liberty Counsel lawyers are responding to incidents in Pennsylvania and Virginia which pose a serious breach of our rights.

And with back-to-school season now in full swing, we must expand our efforts immediately to defend the rights of Christian students and parents.

Here's how I'm asking you to take action today...

+ + Petition Supporting Students And Parents Coming Under Attack

Today, Liberty Counsel is launching a national STATEMENT OF SOLIDARY WITH CHRISTIAN PARENTS AND STUDENTS, announcing that you are standing with those who are coming under attack in our schools.

We will gather these STATEMENTS OF SOLIDARITY and use them to express national citizen outrage against these efforts to indoctrination our children and grandchildren. Please take a moment to sign our petition in support of Christian students and parents now.

I want to rally tens of thousands of citizens to stand against these attacks... but it all starts with friends like you... TODAY! 

So please...

Take a moment right now to sign our STATEMENT OF SOLIDARY WITH CHRISTIAN PARENTS AND STUDENTS, and let's stand together against these attacks on our faith!

I'll be sharing much more with you in the coming days. But for now, please sign the petition and share this important effort with your friends.

Yours for Liberty,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The anti-faith radicals see the classroom as their place to experiment on our children and grandchildren with their social engineering ideas that undermine faith and marriage. They even are pushing something they call "Queering English"! It's outrageous. Liberty Counsel is fighting back but we want to rally an army of citizens to stand. Go here to sign our petition supporting Christian students and parents!

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