SPLC's Escalating Attacks

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is engaged in a two-pronged strategy to destroy pro-faith groups. At the center of the strategy are direct economic assaults on organizations like Liberty Counsel. That's why the SPLC has dragged Liberty Counsel into a very costly lawsuit that has already dragged on for months with no end in sight.

As part of this strategy, the SPLC launches aggressive public relations campaigns to destroy the reputation of the groups they have maligned as "Hate Groups" by pressuring major companies into blacklisting them. We even found a "smoking gun" letter from Morris Dees, the Founder and Chief Trial Counsel for the SPLC, in which he outlines the strategy. According to Dees:

 "Right now, [the SPLC is] cutting off hate groups from sources of financing by pushing digital companies like Amazon not to allow hate groups to use their services."

Now, the SPLC's attack campaign has risen to a new level...

 According to an eye-popping report by the Daily Caller, Silicon Valley titans Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Twitter are now all employing the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate Group" list in their censorship and/or policing of organizations! According to the report released Thursday:

 "Four of the world's biggest tech platforms have working partnerships with a left-wing nonprofit that has a track record of inaccuracies and routinely labels conservative organizations as 'hate groups.'"

+ + Liberty Counsel blacklisted.

For instance, Liberty Counsel has been blacklisted from Amazon's "Smile" program that directs funds to charitable organizations from a list generated by Amazon. Amazon Smile supports nearly 1 million charities, but not Liberty Counsel because we are among the organizations targeted by the SPLC's outrageous list.

YouTube (owned by Google) has been using the SPLC as part of its "Trusted Flaggers" program to identify so-called "hate speech" on the YouTube platform. That means SPLC officials have been clandestively involved with YouTube in helping to both actively "flag" so-called hate and create the algorithms that YouTube uses to systematically identify "hate" on the platform.

It's not yet clear how far-reaching the impact will be with Facebook and Twitter partnering with the SPLC. 

Not listed with the four Left-leaning organizations is GuideStar, generally recognized as the world's largest source of information on non-profit organizations, and another influential subscriber to the SPLC's "Hate List." GuideStar has disseminated the false and defamatory "hate group" designation in order to silence the biblical worldview espoused by conservative organizations like Liberty Counsel.

Liberty Counsel recently filed a brief at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit against GuideStar.

 GuideStar admittedly solicited for its paid subscription services on the same profile page on which it falsely and misleadingly claims Liberty Counsel is a "hate group." Therefore, GuideStar admitted that it was seeking to influence the financial decisions of its customers and is thus subject to the limitations of the Lanham Act.

We believe their strategy in lockstep with the SPLC's: by "cutting off hate groups from sources of financing."

+ + Their goal is to destroy Liberty Counsel.

Right now Liberty Counsel legal engagement against GuideStar is concurrent with a difficult and costly legal attack on Liberty Counsel in which SPLC lawyers are serving as lead counsel. And, we are fighting back against the SPLC's blatant efforts to defame us in the public square!

 The bottom line is, we need your support!

June is Liberty Counsel's fiscal year-end, and as you can imagine, it's been a challenging year. The increased demands on our litigation efforts coupled with the escalating attacks being waged against our organization have created an enormous drain on our resources. 

Thankfully, a generous friend of Liberty Counsel has offered a $50,000 Challenge Grant to help us close out our fiscal year on better financial footing. Can I count on you to help turn that $50,000 into a much-needed $100,000? Every tax-deductible dollar you give this month will effectively be doubled in impact by the $50,000 Challenge Grant.

Please consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift today.

We simply cannot allow anti-faith and anti-family bullies to demean, discredit, and silence us! We must aggressively fight back.

GuideStar must be held responsible for its illegal and injurious actions. The spread of the SPLC's outrageous "Hate" designation must be stopped! But I cannot meet these dangerous threats to every American's religious liberties without your help.

Can I count on your help today? Please prayerfully consider making your best possible gift to meet this critical $50,000 Challenge so we can fight back against these latest attacks and continue other important litigation. Please go here now to make your tax-deductible gift:

Thank you!

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    Christians unite to stop those who would destroy our rights