SPLC's "wreck"and "destroy" campaign

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is on the receiving end of another lawsuit following their recent actions taken to "wreck" and "destroy" a person they consider to be motivated by "hate."

As you may know, Liberty Counsel and me, personally, are among those the SPLC seeks to destroy through unsubstantiated lawsuits they filed against us and other outrageous tactics like their "hate group" smear. We must unite to stand against this radically aggressive attacker.  Please see below – Mat.

Glen K. Allen, a Baltimore lawyer, has filed a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center and two individuals who have been associated with the group, Heidi Beirich and Mark Potok, in which Allen claims, "the SPLC paid for stolen documents in an attempt to get him fired and destroy his future work prospects."

The SPLC accused Allen of being a "neo-Nazi" and a "racist" based on information contained in those alleged "stolen confidential documents." In spite of Allen's denial of their accusation, the City of Baltimore fired him.

WND reports that the lawsuit alleges, "'Motivated by lucrative fundraising aims and employing fundraising techniques decried across the political spectrum as deceptive, the SPLC's avowed goal, under the leadership of Beirich, Potok, and others, is to destroy, through public shaming, loss of employment, loss of reputation and other severe harms, groups and persons the SPLC broadly defines as its political enemies.'"

"Defendant Mark Potok, the editor-in-chief of the SPLC's Intelligence Report, boasted: 'We see this political struggle, right? … I mean, we're not trying to change anybody's mind. We're trying to wreck the groups, and we are very clear in our head, … we are trying to destroy them.'"  (Emphasis added)

Allen also wants the SPLC's 501(c)3 non-profit status revoked.

An exposé on the SPLC revealed startling facts and then concluded that the organization is a "massively funded propaganda machine." In financial disclosures, the SPLC reports an enormous war chest of funds in reserves -- nearly a half-billion dollars -- as reported by the Capital Research Center. These are funds they use to target anyone who opposes their outrageous agenda.

+ + We know first-hand of the SPLC's "wreck" and "destroy" campaign!

We have never faced a legal attack quite like our defense against the LGBTQ-driven lawsuit that is backed by the SPLC. This is clearly designed to damage or destroy Liberty Counsel and even remove me from engaging in the legal battle for our families and religious liberties.

They want to destroy Liberty Counsel and discredit me personally through a baseless, highly-targeted lawsuit!

That's why I must aggressively fight back -- so Liberty Counsel can defend citizens across the country who dare to stand up to the LGBTQ agenda which is totally intolerant to people of faith who hold family and biblical values.

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This lawsuit has proven to be a grueling process, consuming countless hours of legal resources. But it must be done. At the same time, I must keep Liberty Counsel lawyers fighting other crucial battles for faith, family, life and liberty.

But I cannot meet this challenge without friends like you going the "extra mile" with me.

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Mat Staver

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