Tangible proof!

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel

Several months ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) agreed to pay a $3.375 million settlement as the result of a demand from an Islamic reformer and his foundation for being included in the SPLC's now-defunct "anti-Muslim extremists" list published in December 2016.

The settlement is tangible proof that the SPLC, which amounts to little more than a leftist instrument of political warfare against those with whom it disagrees, fully deserves the infamy of it's discredited status.

The SPLC's stated objective is to "destroy" groups with which it disagrees and it accomplishes this by falsely labeling nonviolent organizations as "hate groups" and while seeking "cut off hate groups from sources of financing by pushing digital companies like Amazon not to allow hate groups to use their services."
In spite of the SPLC's malicious labeling being discredited and penalized by the courts, the radical leftist organization has doubled down in their lawsuit against Liberty Counsel and me, placing us both in the crosshairs of a vicious attack campaign.

+ + Grueling...

That's a fitting description for the work our Liberty Counsel legal team has put into our defense so far against the latest LGBTQ-driven lawsuit which has now been re-launched in a second state by the SPLC.

For the past several weeks, I have assigned key members of our legal team to dedicate much of their time to our defense in providing answers to the SPLC's attorneys' Discovery requests.

I must commit more legal resources to this case than we imagined, and therefore, did not forecast in our legal resources budget for 2019!

As I have shared with you, this SPLC-backed attack is all about punishing any individual or organization that dares to stand up to the LGBTQ agenda. They want to discredit me and destroy Liberty Counsel because this organization is one of the most important voices for faith and family that is willing to stand up for Christians who are coming under attack from this radical agenda.

Most of all, they want people of faith like you and me to think we are ALONE in this fight, and if we dare to stand up for faith and family, WE WILL BE DESTROYED!

I've shared with you about our urgent need for an additional $50,000 this month for our "war chest" over and above our normal operating expenses. Many friends, including you, have stepped forward and helped, but we still need to see an OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT to make our goal.

<#first_name#>, can I count on your additional support at this critical time?

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Thank you in advance, and may God richly bless you!

Mat Staver

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