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  • William Whitehead
    followed this page 2019-01-13 11:56:22 -0500
  • Sharon Armke
    commented 2019-01-12 19:34:57 -0500
    We need a wall, just as we need doors on our homes and fences around our property. I am so grieved to continually hear of criminals killing innocent American citizens, just because they were allowed in: no or little barriers to stop them! Please stand with President Trump and Liberty Counsel for the rule of law! We welcome immigrants who come here legally and for good purposes, not those who come in to destroy our nation!
  • Nancy Rose
    commented 2019-01-10 13:18:06 -0500
    We need a wall on the southern border to protect life and liberty. The role of government is to protect its’ people. Contact your senators and congressmen to move quickly to fund the wall. Its proved very effective where it exists. Let’s get our people back to work in government.