UPDATE on threat to Liberty Counsel

Monday Afternoon:

I want you to have a very clear update on the legal threat to both Liberty Counsel and me personally that is coming from the LGBTQ community backed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

As I have noted, this is a very serious threat to Liberty Counsel as an organization and me as one of the leaders of the movement to defend religious liberties against the increasingly emboldened and aggressive LGBTQ community. The goal is to damage or even destroy Liberty Counsel. And it is clear that their attack on me is all about keeping me out of the courtroom so I can't fight battles for people of faith.

Last week, Liberty Counsel's Legal Team spent numerous hours responding to Discovery Requests on behalf of Liberty Counsel and me against this SPLC-backed lawsuit. This defense is consuming significant time -- perhaps more than we could have anticipated. But I must invest all the necessary resources to ensure that the LGBTQ activists do not succeed in their mission to discredit me or damage Liberty Counsel.

+ + Divided we fall...

I am totally convinced that one of the main strategies of the LGBTQ activists is to attempt to isolate their targets and then launch their threats and attacks. We see this happen time and time again in communities across the country.

The demands of this case couldn't come at a more inopportune time coupled with other pressing matters such as our defense of Sandra Merritt against Planned Parenthood and its supporters, and several cases involving attempted bans on Change Therapy.

And, as I write, Liberty Counsel is deeply engaged in one of the most bizarre cases of how the radical sexual agenda is threatening our children and any teacher or parent who dares to stand for godly values. In the Pasco County (Florida) public schools, a male teacher was asked to give a gender-confused girl full access to disrobe and even shower in the boy's locker room and to monitor the student!

These cases and others have stretched our resources like few times in Liberty Counsel's history.

That said, Liberty Counsel urgently needs an influx of $50,000 this month for our "war chest" over and above our normal operating expenses.

I don't ask this of you lightly, especially this time of year, but will you prayerfully consider standing with me at this crucial time by making a tax-deductible gift to help Save Liberty as we stand for faith and freedom in our land? Every gift, regardless of size, will help tremendously. Please go here now:


I believe our defense against this SPLC-backed attack will establish very clearly that, on the facts and the law, we will likely win. But the more we research what has transpired, the more it becomes apparent that Liberty Counsel has been specifically targeted for attack.
Our adversaries want to destroy Liberty Counsel and anyone who doesn't support the LGBTQ agenda.

They want me banned from court so that I can't fight on behalf of people of faith who are coming under attack.

And their agenda could prevail if we do not stand together! Can I count on your help to meet our pressing need of $50,000 in war chest funds over and above our normal operating expenses?

Thank you in advance, and may God richly bless you!

Mat Staver

P.S. I can't overstate the seriousness of this attack on Liberty Counsel and me personally. The LGBTQ activists are dragging us to court in hopes of destroying Liberty Counsel and having me removed from vital legal battles. I need your help this month to fight back. Liberty Counsel needs an influx of $50,000 above our normal expenses to help us fight back. Go here to make your gift today by check or credit card: